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Small Business Spotlight

Dr. Karin Frisbee shares her story of being an entrepreneur in the health business and how organic food can positively effect the community.

Andrew Rencich, veteran entrepreneur and Crestview City Councilman, shares his story of starting local businesses with his wife and the importance of investing in the community.

Unique insights from Keith Giles, a 23 year United States Air Force Veteran, and his company's quest to reinvent healthcare insurance.

Cameron Rowe, CEO and president of CRC Data Technologies, shares his entrepreneurial journey and offers advice to others looking to start their own business.

Mercedes "Mercy" Feris shares the challenges she faced finding work when moving to Okaloosa County. Her story of going from unemployed to owner of two local businesses is sure to inspire many.

Have you ever known your purpose for completing a personal, work, or community project, but you just do not know how to get there? You have the ideas, the team, and maybe even some funds to start it, but do you have the faith? Read more about how faith can get you where you need to go with your business or projects. VenYou201 came about in a purposeful way, and thanks to lots of shared faith and a commitment to making work, Niceville's newest community event space is open and ready to host your next event!

Kelly Murphy-Redd, owner of Murphy Redd Marketing, shares insight on her entrepreneurial journey and offers advice for those who may be intimidated by the thought of hiring a marketing firm.

How do you make you and your business "Unforgettable"? In trying times like these, many small businesses have struggled to stay open. Learn from the county's local favorite restaurant: Hub City Smoke House and Grill how they have thrived during the challenges, keep their customers happy, and their employees on the team. Hear first hand from the 2017 "Florida Retailer of the Year" winner, Mike Carroll, how to "Make Yourself Unforgettable".

This month's Small Business Spotlight shares Nate and Liz Ribaudo's journey from Chicago to Mary Esther and how they made their dream of opening a Fitness Studio into a reality. It can be challenging opening a new business, especially when you are new to town! Patience, hard-work, and determination payed off for Liz and Nate, owners of Fortis Fitness Studio. Learn what it takes to overcome obstacles and why the name of your business is important.

Inspiration for a new small business idea can truly come from anywhere and at any chapter of your life – just ask TJ Lupero, owner of TJ’s Chillin’ Treats. TJ’s Chillin’ Treats is an ice cream shop that not only provides you a happy place, but makes you feel like you are family as soon as you walk through the door! (Photo Credit: Northwest Florida Daily News)