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The Economic Development Council is partnering with the Federal Reserve on the 2020 Small Business Credit Survey. This survey is meant for businesses currently in operation, those recently closed and those about to launch.  Your responses will provide critical information that service providers, policymakers, and lenders use to improve programs for small business owners like YOU!




Essentials of Entrepreneurship Course

October 13, 2020 at 12:01am – October 20 at 11:59pm

Hosted by University of West Florida

Ready to start your own business? The Essentials of Entrepreneurship is a 7-week virtual course that will share the technical information and business insights you need to start and more efficiently manage your new venture. Each week, learn effective strategies and connect with business leaders who have walked in your shoes, and have taken their entrepreneurial ideas into reality. Take advantage of their knowledge and experiences to drive your decision-making. The course begins Oct 20, 2020 --- Register HERE!

The program will guide you through the business development problem areas faced by those new to the profession, including: Idea Discovery, Legal, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Business Planning and more!

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